Meridian Water is Enfield Council’s £6bn 25-year regeneration project which will create 10,000 homes including 4,000 affordable homes, to help to ease the London housing crisis and provide homes for local people in Enfield.

Meridian Water will also provide thousands of high quality new jobs and will benefit the local, regional and national economy.

With excellent transport and internet connections in a high quality environment, Meridian Water will attract major employers in fast-growing sectors alongside growing start-ups. It will represent a step-change away from industrial warehousing and logistics type uses which are relatively plentiful in the Borough, offering higher skilled, higher paid employment opportunities for local people.

New Homes

Acres Parks

Bike Lanes

Hour Destination

Nesil Caliskan, Leader of Enfield Council

Going forward we will be in control and we will be the custodians of the place Meridian Water will become; investing council money and resources to ensure that local people are the principal beneficiaries of the new homes and jobs that will be created.

On 13 August 2020 a Compulsory Purchase Order was made to assemble all the land required for the delivery of the Strategic Infrastructure Works.

All lodged objections have been subsequently withdrawn and the Secretary of State confirmed the CPO on 22 July 2021. Commencement of the Strategic Infrastructure Works is scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2022.

Two new development sites, Meridian One and Two, are being offered on the basis of a Development Agreement rather than the sale of land, allowing the Council to retain control to ensure the quality of design and build, accelerate delivery, as well as prioritise the sale of new homes to local people first. With the Council as the master developer, Meridian Four is the fourth development opportunity within the 85‐hectare Meridian Water site and falls within Phase 2 of the Meridian Water scheme,

As one of London’s biggest regeneration zones, Meridian Water is backed by the Mayor of London, Enfield Council and local residents themselves.

Acres of land at Meridian Water since April 2014

Owns 7,000 % of all developable land within the red line boundary of the site

7,000 m land acquisition

The Council is committed to continued consultation and engagement throughout the life of the regeneration programme and maximising the benefits for those people who already live and work in the area.


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