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ground floor

The Council wishes to ensure that the Meridian Water provides high-quality commercial workspace and high-quality jobs, whilst delivering our placemaking pillars:

The Meridian Water Employment Strategy sets out high level principles of the vision for workspace

These principles include supporting:

  • Local entrepreneurs
  • Independent businesses
  • Supporting creativity
  • high quality
  • ethical
  • sustainable
  • inclusive
  • public health oriented

This will inform targeting of occupiers, along with multi-dimensional considerations including placemaking benefits, local benefit, economic impact, and resilience. Work on Meridian One has already begun which will include 2,300 square metres of leisure, retail, employment and community spaces.


As part of the Council’s Social Value objectives we are keen to ensure local residents and local businesses are the main beneficiary of the Meridian Water Development.

As part of procuring development partners and consultants to help deliver Meridian Water, we are looking to embed benefits through main contractors and consultants through their supply chains to their sub-contractors. We are ensuring that the sub-contractors are local firms and are embedding this through our contractual relationships. All our partnership opportunities are advertised on the London Tenders Portal at https://www.londontenders.org/

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If you are interested in working for Enfield Council on the Meridian Water project please register on the Portal.

We will also be working with partners and the Job Centre Plus to ensure that other opportunities are widely publicised on their sites and on our social media.


The demand will come from both outside and within the Borough, including from smaller businesses and start-ups, as low office vacancy rates in Enfield demonstrate. Meridian Water seeks to accommodate this growth by providing high quality space with adequately high ceilings, finished frontage standard, weathertight envelope, and incoming utilities. Size will vary to reflect the mix of potential occupiers and their business models. The workspaces will include typologies beyond traditional offices to include co-working spaces, small studios and maker workshops.

Moving your business to Meridian Water?

We are always happy to explore opportunities for businesses to move to Meridian Water. When space becomes available we will advertise this widely. To stay up to date with the latest news sign up to the Meridian Water newsletter.

Strategic Occupation

We are also happy to talk to big business, our Strategic Occupiers. If you are looking to move your business to new premises, well located next to excellent transport networks in a business-friendly environment please get in touch.


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