1.     What are the benefits of this development?

Meridian Water is Enfield Council’s £6bn 20-year regeneration project which will create 10,000 homes, including thousands of affordable homes, to help to ease the London housing crisis and provide homes for local people. 

Meridian Water will also provide thousands of high quality new jobs (including approximately 10,000 construction jobs throughout delivery) and will benefit the local, regional and national economy.

With excellent transport and internet connections in a high quality environment, Meridian Water will attract major employers in fast-growing sectors alongside growing start-ups.  It will represent a step-change away from industrial warehousing and logistics type uses which are relatively plentiful in the Borough, offering higher skilled, higher paid employment opportunities for local people.


2.     What are Meridian Water’s timescales?

Meridian Water will be a 20-year regeneration programme and the transformation is already underway. Construction work began in November 2017 for  the new Meridian Water Station, which is  due to open in summer 2019.

The Council is also looking to get building the new homes and workspaces faster, with three development sites being brought forward for delivery, the first of which will see around 725 homes built at Willoughby Lane around the new station. This is being offered via the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) London Development Panel immediately after the summer, which will allow for a quick procurement process open to all organisations and joint ventures who have secured a place on the panel.

A second housing site on Leeside Road will see workspace on the lower floors with around 200 affordable homes above, and a 2-3 acre site along the North Circular for a major employment hub will then follow, creating around 900 new jobs.

The Council will continue to make strategic land purchases to bring forward more sites for housing and employment, and we already own 64% of the developable land.


3.     Who is paying for it?

The £6bn scheme is being financed by Enfield Council and future development partners. The Council’s investment will be returned through value generated through the project, with it being reinvested for benefit of Enfield communities. Additional funds have also come from the Council’s strategic partners including Greater London Authority, through its Housing Zone designation, and Network Rail.


4.     Has planning permission been achieved for the first phase of development?

Outline planning permission was achieved – with unanimous consent – in summer 2016 for the first 725 new homes and new Meridian Water Station on Willoughby Lane.


 5.     When will the first homes be delivered?

We anticipate the construction of the first 725 homes at Willoughby Lane will start in 2020.


6.     How many homes will be delivered?

In total, 10,000 new homes are proposed for the entire Meridian Water site – the first 725 of which will be delivered at Willoughby Lane.


7.     What percentage of these homes will be affordable?

Enfield Council has offered, subject to financial assistance from the GLA to provide 40 per cent affordable housing on the site as part of its wider efforts to tackle the London wide housing crisis. It is proposed that approximately half of the affordable homes will be available for social/affordable rented housing.

Meridian Water will provide some of the most affordable housing within London and will be delivered to a very high design standard.


8.     Will there be any job and training opportunities and how many will be created over the course of the regeneration?

Meridian Water will represent a step-change away from industrial warehousing and logistics type uses which are relatively plentiful in the Borough, offering higher skilled, higher paid employment across the thousands of high quality jobs which will be created. Approximately 10,000 jobs will also be created during construction.

The Council will look to develop a series of high quality employment offers across the site, including through new meanwhile uses, a new fashion cluster, and the creation of London’s largest open workspace for makers, creators and artists. 

We therefore believe Meridian Water has the ability to transform the economic base of the Borough.


9.     How many of these jobs will be ring-fenced for local people?

It is a commitment of Enfield Council to ensure our local residents are the priority for all of the jobs.

In addition to the permanent jobs created on site, Enfield Council will also look to establish a dedicated training offering to provide a programme of traineeships and apprenticeships to help local people gain the skills needed during construction and beyond.


10.    How many of these jobs will pay the London Living wage?

The Council expects all of the jobs delivered by selected development partners to pay the London Living Wage.


11.    What open spaces and parks will there be?

Meridian Water will deliver a rich variety of accessible open spaces, including direct access from Meridian Water to the Lee Valley Regional Park – perfect for sports, summer walks and picnics. There will also be new parks, public squares, outdoor spaces and open gyms.


12.    What changes to transportation will there be?

Work has already begun on a new railway station at Meridian Water, opening in summer 2019 at the Willoughby Lane site, which will serve four million commuters per year,, taking them directly south to Stratford with onward connections to Liverpool Street, City Airport and Heathrow and north to Stansted and Cambridge.. There is also the potential for the new station to be connected to Crossrail 2.

Meridian Water will also include new roads, bridges, cycle lanes, pedestrian routes and suitable bus provision to ensure the development is well connected.

The Council is currently progressing its business case to secure £120m of funding from the Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate the delivery of important transport infrastructure at Meridian Water, as part of a bid being led by the GLA.. This funding, if secured in full, will help us to deliver a new central spine road, which will link the whole of Meridian Water to the new train station, and a fourth track from Tottenham Hale Station to Meridian Water Station, allowing six trains per hour to run in the future.


13.    What value will Meridian Water add to the UK economy?

We estimate the development at Meridian Water will add in the region of £3 billion to the UK economy by 2036.


14.    Do you have any plans for the site during construction?

Meridian Water will be a long-term 20-year programme and so it is absolutely our intention to utilise some of the site as meanwhile use and provide bespoke opportunities for start-up businesses to thrive.

We love the thought that businesses can start life this way and then grow and evolve with the scheme. With this in mind, we will develop a series of high quality employment offers across the site, including new meanwhile uses, a new fashion cluster, and the creation of London’s largest open workspace for makers, creators and artists.   

The Council has recently authorised a further land acquisition at 4 Anthony Way to support the delivery of the open workshop with Building Bloqs – who are currently occupying the site – earmarked as potential council partners.


15.    When will the new station be delivered?

November 2017 marked the start of construction works for the new Meridian Water station, which will open in summer 2019.


16.    Why are you no longer looking for a 'Master Developer?'

Enfield Council’s Cabinet has agreed, in principle, to end the procurement process for a single ‘Master developer’, in favour of the Council taking the lead responsibility for setting strategies, working up the masterplan and deciding the optimal phasing plan for delivery.

Going forward, we will select development and other partners to work with the Council to bring forward specific parts of the regeneration – whether that is for housing delivery, new employment spaces or meanwhile uses – and we will be the custodians of the place Meridian Water will become and oversee its delivery.

This demonstrates a genuinely new way of delivering major regeneration schemes for a local authority, and will ensure that local people are the principle beneficiaries of the new homes and jobs that will be created.