sustainability at meridian water

The ambition is for Meridian Water to be aligned with the forefront of sustainable development worldwide.

We have setting ambitious environmental criteria for Meridian Water, building in a low carbon way, giving lower fuel bills to residents, making it easy for everyone to make sustainable choices.
We’ve used the ‘doughnut economics’ idea to create a holistic place where social opportunities, environmental impact and the economics all working together to give combined benefits to all.

Climate Positive

Carbon neutral development by 2030

To become net zero by 2030 Meridian Water will:

  • use zero carbon construction
  • be powered by renewable and sustainable resources
  • minimise its use of energy through a combination of passive, technological and smart measures
  • generate as much energy as possible locally
  • procure any remaining energy from new exclusively procured renewable sources

Meridian Water will also foster sustainable travel, and support high quality, healthy and low-carbon lifestyles. A series of well-planned infrastructure interventions will enable and encourage active travel, with adoption of mobility on demand resulting in extremely low private car usage.

Environment Positive

30% public open space

In the face of catastrophic biodiversity loss, Meridian Water will actively restore the natural environment, to promote a radical increase in biodiversity. Continuous green and blue networks will link Meridian Water with the wider Lee Valley Regional Park, creating a clean and healthy environment and providing parklife on the doorstep for local residents and visitors.

30% of the site area will be set aside as public green space, including parks and squares, active and healthy green streets, and smaller open spaces. The built environment will create a resilient, high-quality microclimate. Lively and animated streets will form part of a well-connected and active public realm, where good quality local amenities and a thriving local economy will make Meridian Water a highly desirable neighbourhood. Quality jobs, great schools, access to world class healthcare and a strong local arts and culture scene support a resilient and empowered community.

Zero Waste and Circular

30% recycled, natural or local materials

Over its whole life cycle, Meridian Water will act as a catalyst for the development of local zero carbon supply chain that is based on the principles of a circular economy. Waste will be eliminated through adoption of circular design approaches, sharing networks and eco- innovation. Meridian Water will be a regenerative built environment where whole buildings, materials and components will be retained at their highest value for as long as possible. The development will prioritise local, low carbon and circular (recycled / regenerative / reused / refurbished) manufacturing and construction.

The new Troubadour Meridian Water Studios mark the first circular economy project on site, made out of reused materials. Discover more about the studios here.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy sets an ambitious vision, with clear objectives and measurable requirements over the short, medium and long term.

The strategy is intended to provide a holistic approach to environmental sustainability and sets performance requirements that allow developers and their consultants to determine how best to meet the goals and objectives.
This is the first version of the ‘site-wide’ strategy that is applicable to the entire Meridian Water development. It has been developed in consultation with the Meridian Water team, Enfield Council, the consultant team, contractors and external stakeholders prior to submission to the Cabinet for formal adoption. The strategy will be continually reviewed and renewed in response to changes in national, London and Local policy, innovation in clean technologies and construction practice, as well as scientific evidence about the impact of climate change.


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