jobs & skills at meridian water

Meridian Water will see the creation of thousands of jobs created as part of meanwhile projects and also permanent roles

Enfield Construction Skills Academy

To enable upskilling and training of the construction workforce, and provide opportunities to local and London residents, the Council, in partnership with Vistry Partnerships (the developers for Meridian One) and Capital City College Group (CCCG), launched a Skills Academy at Meridian Water in 2023. Supporting unemployed residents and those on skilled trade apprenticeships, the aim of the Skills Academy is to provide training and certification appropriate for entry level opportunities across construction and built environment, create pathways to higher level training, and upskill existing workforce within the construction supply chain companies. Training is instrumental in transforming and rebalancing the Edmonton economy to make it resilient to disruptions such as COVID-19 or technological change, and the Skills Academy is an integral part of that process.

For more information about the new Enfield Construction Skills Academy, and to apply for courses visit:


the development

Representing a step-change away from industrial warehousing and logistics type-uses which are relatively plentiful in the Borough, offering higher skilled and higher paid employment opportunities for local people

We will develop a series of employment offers across the site, attracting major employers as well as start-ups, including the new meanwhile uses, a new cluster for fashion manufacturing and the creation of workspaces for makers, creators and artists.

There will also be many opportunities for local construction related businesses during the build programme, we are looking to encourage as many local businesses as want to, to be part of our supply change ensuing we gain social value beyond the construction elements of the project for Enfield residents. Like all Enfield Council tender opportunities, those relating to Meridian Water can be found on the London Tenders Portal.


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