meridian one

The first neighbourhood build in the Meridian Water development

building bloqs

Meridian Water’s partners at Anthony Way, Building BloQs, have developed a highly innovative model of shared workspace provision for the

strategic infrastructure works

The Strategic Infrastructure Works (‘SIW’) will provide the first phase of strategic infrastructure required to unlock housing development in Meridian

troubadour meridian water studios

In 2021 phase 1 of The Troubadour Meridian Water Studios were completed bringing local economic benefits to Enfield.  The new

meridian two

The Meridian Two scheme is based at the site of the Leeside Road gasholder site which the Council acquired from

meridian three

Meridian Water will be a place for all; offering a mix of different housing tenures covering the needs of all

meridian four

Meridian Four is the fourth development opportunity within the 85‐hectare Meridian Water site and falls within the wider Phase 2